Leander Molegraaf - 3d & programming
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Welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Leander Molegraaf,
I'm a student application development at the ROC Westerschelde in Terneuzen.
I mainly follow school projects, but also work for companies and individuals.
Once I finish school, I intend to learn on at either Maya or level design;
these are two things that I'm very passionate about,
but unfortunately, isn't part of this course.
It is my long term goal to finish a course regarding 3D-modelling(Maya)
This portfolio has been set up in order to communicate with the outside world,
and as a staging point for all new code.
(as long as it's applicable on a website of course)

What can you expect here?
My CV and Personal description for a start,
but also a list of (finished) projects and the source code of them.
Those files are free to download and watch for everyone.
All finished projects will be added to the portfolio,
But the list of work-in-progress projects might be incomplete.
This counts for both official projects (school, clients) as side-projects(Maya)

What has changed?
On 8 December 2010, the portfolio has had a thorough make-over.
There is more room for the content now and most text fields are supported by one (or more) pictures.
The style is more consistent now; there's less focus on the 3d background like in my previous portfolio
Finally, the webhost has been changed, so it should no longer be necessary to add .createandlearn.eu

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Leander Molegraaf